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C-Cord MAX

It's Type-C!

Just plug and play, don't depend on bluetooth if you don't want to or you can't!

Works on (almost) every Android!

It's digital audio converter makes it work, no matter whether you also have a headphone jack.


Make no compromises. Unplug it from your laptop, plug it into your Type-C ready laptop.

Rs. 1,599.00Rs. 1,399.00
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Have no headphone jack

C-Cord Basic won't work on devices with headphone jack + Type C connector

Need something simple

Your classic go-to earphones, but Type-C!

Don't need Windows support

C-Cord Basic is compatible with many models, but not Windows laptops

Durable & resistant!

It looks simple, but it's double coating will make it last.

Rs. 950.00Rs. 900.00
C-Cord StarterC-Cord Starter

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the C-Cord I bought work on my phone?

All the C-Cord models we sell have been tested with the recommended compatibility list that you can see in every product page. If your model is not there, feel free to send us an email to and our expert team will let you know what the best choice is. 

Q: Are all models compatible with Windows?

We highlight in every product page whether a certain model is compatible with windows laptops or type-C enabled models such as tablets or portable devices. Bear in mind that only DAC-enabled Type-C earphones work on Windows. 

Q: Do you have models compatible with Mac?

Unfortunately, Apple has been a bit slower than other hardware manufacturers in providing out-of-the-box USB-audio support. However, you may find online KEXTs (drivers) for some of our models that have a Digital Audio Chipset. C-Cord cannot provide support on this and any KEXT you install on your Apple device is your own responsability.

Q: Where is my package?

Our expert logistics center will send your C-Cord through express delivery as soon as possible, you can go to the "Track Your Order" page on our menu in order to check the progress of your delivery. Your order may take a few hours to appear on the tracker.

Q: Why is compatibility so important for C-Cord?

As many as 60% of people who purchase a USB-C earphone declare they don't work on their smartphone. That's because USB-Audio is still under development and the smartphone and computer manufacturers have yet to agree on a standard. There's also a lack of designs, colors, and materials when it comes to USB audio. C-Cord is willing to narrow that gap by offering compatible Type-C earphones that fit anybody's style and needs.

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C-Cord was born in 2020 to bring exciting Type-C earphones to everyone, no matter what smartphone they have. 

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